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How to legalize individual development in Ukraine?

How to legalize unauthorized building?

You, your grandfather or dad, built a small cottage or a large house many years ago. He is standing.
But suddenly it turns out that in order to sell, give or leave the house as a legacy, namely obtaining ownership, it needs to be legalized.

houses built before August 5, 1992

houses built before December 31, 2008

houses built after 01.01.2009

Ownership of a house can be obtained by court decision.
To do this, you need to have at your hands a project executed by an official organization has a license for design work.

work on the implementation of the project can take place in two ways:

Option 1 (mini)

The owner brings us the technical data of the BTI, photographs and measurements of the house. On the basis of these drawings and architectural project is carried out. See the composition of the project below

Option 2 (maxi)

Our specialists go to the built object and perform measurements. On the basis of the measurements carried out an architectural project is carried out. See the composition of the project below

Composition of the project:

Cover page with a "wet" seal.
Copy of the license of LLC "Akvilon"
General data on the project with the signature of the architect and a wet seal.
Scheme of the master plan with the spot of the house M 1: 500.
Fragment of the fence
House plans according to the number of floors M 1: 100
Facades - 4 pcs. M1: 100.
Cuts - 2 pcs. M 1: 100
M 1: 100 roof plan.
The full composition of the project for legalization can be found here

In more detail, how to legalize self-construction you will learn from the article The Cabinet of Ministers has declared an amnesty to owners of private houses built without permission 23.10.09

reference to the law

And also from the article 12.02.10, the procedure of state registration of rights to real estate and their restrictions have been substantially changed

reference to the law

If you live not in Kiev, but in another city. We can also help you.

You must do this:

1. Photograph your home or dacha from all sides.





2.Independently measure your home. If you like, look like measurements you can see on our site. Letters of measurements are sent to us by mail or by e-mail.

3. Send us your details, addresses, telephones, e-mail.

4. We consider the cost of work and notify it to you by phone or by e-mail.

5. If your price is paid by mail, we send you a contract with seals and an invoice for payment.

6. You sign the contract, and send us.

7. At this moment, you through the bank pay the cost of the project.

8. Upon receipt of the contract and payment, we execute the project. The term of the drawings is 3-4 weeks.

8. We are sending you ready drawings with a copy of the license and wet seals.

Наш проект дасть Вам можливість без проблем узаконити Ваш будинок в будь-якому місті чи селі Україні.

Повний склад проекту для узаконення можна подивитися тут

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