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What to do before construction begins

Design and construction of frame houses - preparation

Question 'Where to start building a home?' asks every beginner a developer. For 10 years we have gone a long way from the enthusiasts of frame house building to professionals of their business. The first building that we built our own was built in 2007 and successfully operated. We will talk about this experience in the cycle of articles "We build the house with our own hands."

The first step in any responsible case will be:

1. Determine what you really need. What size house is necessary for you. Composition of the premises.

Let's give you a tip that will help you to determine:

Write the list of necessary premises and put the required area in front of each item, the amount of these areas will show you what house is needed.

Approach this issue in the most detail, without excessive stockpiles. After all, every square meter of extra space will cost you 500-1000 dollars of unnecessary expenses. Take the rule of our motto 'You need as much as you need and not a meter anymore!'

каркасні будинки будівництво. Головний фасад

We got a mansard house with an area of 121 m2

каркасний будинок будівництво. План першого поверху

On the first floor there is a vestibule, a kitchen, a sitting room with stairs, a hallway with a pantry, a bathroom with a bath, a bedroom.

проекти будинків 1.5 поверха. План другого поверху

On the second floor there are two bedrooms and a bathroom.

After we have defined the general concept, we proceed to the following point:

Design and construction of frame houses

2. House project. You can try to design a house yourself, but it is better to contact a designing company.

The design of the house necessarily includes architectural (plans, cuts and facades) and design drawings (plans of foundations, reinforcement, fastening details, cutting frame, plan of beams of overlap, plan of steps ...)


An example of a building project look here.

After developing a home project, you can go to the next item.

3. Receipt of permit documents.

українські проекти будинків. Розташування на ділянці

We make a binding of the house to your area and after that we take architectural drawings, documents of title and go to get a building passport in the district architecture.

Neglect this point you do not advise because of doubtful construction of the GRAS significant fines until the demolition of the house at your expense. Do you need it?

4. After receiving a building passport, you must send a letter to the State Tax Inspectorate (city or district architectural and construction control) - a notice of the beginning of construction work.

After 11 business days, if you have not received a comment, you can start building.

How was the construction of a frame house with your own hands watch

How to build a frame house with your own hands

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about building your home. We will help you from the moment of designing to the selection of energy efficient equipment in the already built house.

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PS / Practical Each of our projects can be adapted for the construction of wooden skeleton or SIP panels.

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Pavlo Biriukovych
Pavlo Biriukovych

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