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Building houses


Building a house In this section, we will inform you of the latest estimated estimates in which & nbsp; calculated & nbsp; the cost of work and materials for building a house for a particular project.

Let's talk about the rational methods of building a house from different materials. Compare the prices for the construction of houses made of aerated concrete, ceramic block, dervy frame or SIP panels.

Define the key points where you can reduce the cost of the house and you will learn on what you should not save.

Construction of houses - Energy efficient house

In this section we will talk about how to build an energy-saving house for sane funds. You will learn what key moments exist when building strong houses. For constructively super efficient passive houses and the latest technology, you can find out in the section Energy saving

How to build a house

Over the past 10 years, we have collected a lot of information about what affects the value of the house. Various methods of erecting houses by different technologies have been tested. We collect key information on the cost of houses for ready projects in the subsection Calculated estimates . If you have a task to build a house on your own for a minimum of money, then pay attention to the technology of construction from a wooden frame. If you need to build an effective house and move to it as quickly as possible, then you will be helped at home by the SIP panels. And if you want to have reinforced concrete ceilings in the house, then build a house of aerated concrete. In the key sections we will cover the construction of different houses, we will talk about the dangers and chips of the construction process.

Determining the cost of building a house

Based on this data, you will be able to estimate the cost of your planned construction. In this category, we will post the latest photos that we made on our objects, received from grateful customers or familiar superintendents. & nbsp; If you can not orient yourself in the cost of construction or can not find anything that looks like your project, call us and we will help you understand these issues and also help you build a house or pick up a competent superintendent. We can help you with the calculation of the reference estimate for the construction of the house.

Turnkey construction & nbsp;

If you are going to build a house in Kiev or Kiev region, we can take on the execution of turnkey construction work. If you have already concluded an agreement with a foreman, we can act as an author's supervision of the quality of construction. In this case, we fulfill the role of the commission that monitors the compliance of the work performed with the projected solutions. This is especially important in the construction of energy-efficient houses.

Builder Biryukovich Pavel Call us at 0503582282, 0975153839, we will be happy to help. & nbsp ;

Yours faithfully, the effective construction manager Pavel Biryukovich