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Projects of simple buildings by architect Byriukovich Alexei

When designing your own home with a limited budget or for maximum energy savings, you need to use simple box-shaped houses. Ideally, in terms of minimizing the area of ​​the outer walls, the shape is a cube. In comparison with the rectangular form, savings in building materials can reach 25%. In the section of simple house projects, we place the houses closest to the criteria described. It also reduces the cost of building a simple roof, the lack of balconies and bay windows. When using the optimal warming of a home simple form is much easier to make passive. Another advantage of houses of a simple form is their unpretentiousness to the shape and arrangement of the area according to the sides of the light. If you want to save money or build an energy-saving home, then the houses of a simple form are what you need. Contact us and we will help you with designing a new or processing a finished project to your requirements.

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Alex Biriukovych architect

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