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Projects of one-storey houses by architect Biyrukovich Alexei

проекти одноповерхових будинків

In the category of one-storey houses, house projects are designed to make it as comfortable as possible for small families with children, people of an age ... This type of house is considered the most comfortable for life. The project of a one-story house will allow you to build a house with the maximum level of comfort. Typical projects of such buildings are convenient, including for people with an increase and with limited abilities.

One-storey cottages are the most comfortable at the expense of lack of stairs.
Any single-storey house can easily be adapted to the needs of wheelchairs. Lack of steps and thresholds makes such a home a real find in the life of a person with disabilities. If necessary, such a house easily and for a small fee turns into a project of a house with a guest or living attic.

It should be borne in mind that these houses are 20% more expensive in construction than two-story commensurate with the area. Construction of a large one-story house on a small plot can also cause difficulties. In spite of this, the property of a house without a second floor is that it can easily be built independently. For the construction do not need cranes for the installation of ceilings and forests for finishing work. Enough stairs The total area of ​​the house can be from 30 to 300 m2. Many projects of one-storey houses subsequently turn into two-storey buildings.

What is worth paying attention to when building a one-story house:

If you decide to choose a project for your future home then the first thing to think about is how many floors will be in your home. Your choice will affect the convenience of the future home and its cost.

If you consider a one-story house in terms of economy, then you will not win. It is also worth taking into account the size of the plot. After all, for country houses, the surroundings of the house are important. Everyone wants to have a small garden or a landscaped lawn on the site. With a large plot, such questions do not arise, and small ones need to be carefully planned.

The one-storey house, due to its small height, fits perfectly into any well maintained plot.

Projects of one-storey houses with a garage or carport.

Many projects of one-storey buildings use the territory of the site as rationally as possible.

So what are the benefits you get from building a house on one floor?
- The foundation of such a house will occupy a large area, but may be less massive. Here is the parity.
- One-storey house is definitely more convenient in operation. There are no stairs in it, this is an advantage for people of age and families with children.
- You can save on laying of engineering systems. All communications can be placed under the floor.
- In the future, such a house is cheaper to repair. Indeed, for its painting, it is fairly light staircase.

- One-storey houses are always more difficult to design rationally. Especially if there are many rooms in your home. In a large house, it is sometimes very difficult to avoid long corridors or passage rooms. The talent of the architect and his rational vision are important here.

- A large area of ​​the roof postpones its negative imprint on the construction estimate.

- Due to the largest area of ​​fencing structures, typical projects of low-rise houses and cottages require high expenses for winter heating and cooling in the summer. a large roof with insufficient thermal insulation is very prone to overheating more significant than in two-story.


Which house to choose to decide only for you. What is more important is economy or maximum convenience. Energy efficiency or design ...

On our site you can find a lot of information about choosing an ideal home. We are ready to advise you on designing and construction any time.

If your choice of project is based on an optimal estimate for the construction, then projects of two-storey cottages will suit you more, and if you value comfort and comfort more than money then the projects of one-storey houses are your choice.

Also, we can easily change the projects of one-storey houses according to your wishes.

Call us and we will help you to choose a comfortable and buy a one-story cottage for your family. New projects of one-storey houses you can see on our Facebook page.

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Projects of one-storey houses of Biriukovych Alex

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