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The composition of the project house

Drawing a house.


 A typical project consists of:

- Architectural section of the project.

(Issued in duplicate with "wet" seals and signatures.)

The structure of the architectural set is sufficient for obtaining a building permit and construction passport.


- Cover page.

- List of drawings.

- A copy of the qualification certificate of the architect who developed the project, certified by a personal seal.

- Explanatory note, which reflects:

  • Residential and general area, overall dimensions, building volume, area of development.
  • The main constructions and materials are described
  • The list of materials used in the project is certified by the signature of the main architect of the project.

- Plans for the first and second floors.

If the house provides a basement, then the basement plan.

  • The plans indicate all the necessary sizes:
  • the thickness of the walls and partitions,
  • distance to doors and windows
  • room sizes.
  • location of ventilation and smoke channels.

- Four facades

The facades indicate the height of the base and the top of the roof, the location and markings of the doors and windows.

- Two sections of the house.

The sections show the height of the rooms, window and door openings, window sills.

- Roof plan.


-Construction section:

(Issued in duplicate)

Included in the standard set of drawings and contains lists and quantity of materials.


- Drawings of foundations, including:

  • Plan monolithic pillow,
  • schemes reinforcing carcasses intended for reinforcing the monolithic pillow,
  • plan walls of foundations located above a monolithic pillow,
  • crossing the foundations, which shows the depth of foundation,
  • specification of used materials

- Floor plan (all floors), which displays:

  • placement of elements of concrete slab (or wooden beams),
  • Showing monolithic areas and the necessary spare parts.
  • The list and number of overlapping elements are given.

- Drawings of prefabricated reinforced concrete crosspieces and / or monolithic belts (all floors) including:

  • plans indicating the locations of various bridges,
  • bridges specifications specifying the name and number of different bridges.

- Drawing of the roof, including:

  • plan of the rafters, with a list of elements,
  • section of the roof, on which the dimensions of the main elements are specified,
  • list of necessary materials.

All our projects contain materials that are sold in bulk in stores and mass-produced by enterprises.

Note .1.

  • Because of:
    it is impossible to predict the visions of each Customer, the location of furniture, which depends on the placement of sockets,  switches and fixtures, the choice of specific sanitary appliances and heating systems is purely individual.
    Plumbing and electrical sections of the project are executed at the request of the Customer, by an additional payment.

Note .2.

In the presence of data engineering geological surveys for a fee, we can perform the calculation of foundations.

Drawing a house - Example of a project:

Cover sheet. On it with the signature of the architect, data on where the house is being built.

Креслення будинку

A copy of the current license (certificate of the architect) approved by the signature

ліцензія на проектування

Architect's Certificate

Сертифікат архітектора

          List of drawings.

перелік креслень будинку

Explanatory note. General data: the address of the plot, the serial number of the act of land, the plot area (these data may be entered later by the owner), general data on the house.

 пояснювальна записка до проекту

Explanatory note. Structural solutions, description: foundations, walls, ceilings, roofs.

 опис конструкцій для будівництва

Explanatory note. Engineering part. Description of water supply, sewage system.

 інженерна частина проекту опис

Explanatory note. Electrical Fire prevention measures Description of fire prevention measures used in the project.


Explanatory note. Safety precautions, lightning protection.

 опис конструкцій будинку

Explanatory note. A consolidated table on the design part of the project signed by the chief architect

 план будинку на ділянці

The master plan area. The plan of the site is transferred from the act on the ground with the binding of the house

 план креслення паркану

Ground floor plan with all sizes, area of rooms and notes

 планування першого поверху

The plan of the second floor with all sizes, area of rooms and notes

 план другого поверху

Four facades of the house along the axes. This sheet shows the number of main wall materials in m3, and a fragment of the fence.

 котедж -фасад

 головний фасад будинку

 боковий фасад

 креслення фасадів

Section by axis 1-1 This sheet shows the height of the internal elements of the house, and describes the composition of walls, ceilings, roofs.

 розріз - проектування будинку

The section along the axis 2-2 on this sheet shows the height of the internal elements from the opposite previous sheet of view.

 подовжний розріз будинку

Roof plan. This sheet shows the shape of the roof, the main dimensions, the area and the markings.

 планування покрівлі

Scheme of ventilation and smoke channels. This sheet shows the channels for connection of the boiler and the ventilation with elevations and basic attachments.

 схема комину

The layout of the elements of the foundation. This sheet shows the shape of the foundation pillow with the main sections and bindings.
(The foundation is calculated by default for good soils with a carrying capacity of> 2 kg/cm2, but if geological intelligence data is available, it may be listed for a fee, under the soil in your area)

 проектування фундаментів

The layout of the elements of the walls of the foundations. On this sheet the walls of foundations with marks of sections, main dimensions, and characteristic section are displayed.

 план стін фундаментів будинку

Scheme of layout of foundation blocks. On this sheet reflects the layout of the layout of concrete blocks with the main marks of heights, marking and tied to the axes. (The sheet is present only in the case of prefabricated foundations)

 розміщення фундаментних блоків

Expansion of the porch walls. On the sheet a diagram of the layout of blocks under the porch (at the prefabricated foundations) or a plan for pouring the foundation under the porch is displayed

 розгортка блочного фундаменту

Sections on the bases. Crossing the foundations in key locations according to the markings on the foundation plan

 розрізи по фундаментам

Reinforcing the foundations. Scheme of reinforcing foundations in key locations.

 креслення січення фундаменту

Specification of materials on foundations. On this sheet is the calculation of the number of basic materials for the construction of the foundation (concrete, fittings)

 схема армування фундаментів

Plan of the monolithic reinforced concrete belt of the 1st floor. On this sheet is a plan of reinforced concrete belt for the laying of overhead panels, the main cross-sections of the fittings and the specification of belt materials.

 план залізобетонного поясу

Specification of monolithic belt materials

 армування монолітних поясів

The layout of the elements of the overlap of the first floor. The sheet shows the layout of cavity reinforced concrete panels and notes.

 креслення розкладки плит перекриття

Nodes of overlap. The sheet shows the nodes of the monolithic sections of the ceiling and the scheme of reinforcement.

 креслення монолітних ділянок перекриття

Specification of the 1st floor floor. The sheet contains the specification of the materials for the first floor overlappings and the notes

 перелік матеріалів для перекриття

Concrete bridges over the doors and windows of the first floor. The sheet shows the location of the finished bridges over the windows, doorways and specification.

 розкладка перемичок над вікнами

Monolithic belt on the 2nd floor. The sheet indicates the plan of the mogholite belt for laying the ceiling of the 2nd floor with the specification.

 креслення монолітного поясу другого поверху

Overlappings on the 2nd floor. The sheet shows the layout of beams overlap between the 2nd floor and the attic with the specification.

 креслення балок перекриття

Units of the 2nd floor. The sheets show the nodes of the ceiling beams and the main elements.

 вузли дерев'яного перекриття

Bridges 2nd floor. On the sheet the layout of finished ferro-concrete crosspieces above the windows and doors of the 2nd floor is displayed.

 схема перемичок другого поверху

A roll of bridges. The sheet shows the total score of bridges

 відомість перемичок

The layout of the elements of the roof. The sheet shows the location of the rafters and the main elements of the roof

 креслення покрівлі

The nodes of the roof. The sheet shows the main nodes for fixing the details of the roof with each other

 вузли покрівлі

Specification of roof elements. On the sheet all the materials on the roof for the order are collected.

 специфікація елементів покрівлі

Scheme of reinforcement of aerated concrete. The sheet shows the scheme of the fixation tabs in aerated concrete blocks.

 схема армування газобетону

Letters present on projects of frame houses: The location of the racks of the wooden frame on the ground floor.

 план каркасного будинку

The location of the wooden ceiling elements

 дерев'яне перекриття в каркасному будинку

Specification of materials for wood cutter for ordering a sawmill.

 специфікація дерев'яного перекриття

Frame scaffolding on each wall of the building

 розгортка каркасу будинку

 елементи каркасного будинку

Specification of wooden frame for ordering sawmill.

 специфікація елементів каркасу

Features of the roof and section of the wall of the frame house.

 особливості покрівлі і стін каркасного будинку

In the project, all calculations of materials are given without stock and require proofing by the developer before the start of construction.

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