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Price of engineering projects. Stages and cost

Cost of engineering systems design *
Type of work Explanations Unit Cost of works (€/m2), from:
1  Calculation of heat loss at home with the selection and analysis of insulation (materials, thickness), analysis of the cost of heating, hot water, electricity. Calculation of payback period (expediency of application) of the planned equipment Using passive house planning package (PHPP v.7) m2 2
2  The project of the internal heating system (boiler room concept)  with floor heating system m2 2,5
3  Boiler room design  Detailed design of heat generation systems, with a combination of heat sources (for example, gas boiler and heat pump), min from 500 € 1 kW 10
4  Water supply system design  Inside the house including hot water system m2 1,5
5  Design of boiler room automation systems  Selection of components, scheme and algorithm of their interaction component from 200
6  Design of ventilation systems  Natural exhaust m2 1,5
7    Energy-efficient system of ventilation m2 3
8  Sewage systems design  Inner, outer m2 from 2
9  Design of internal power supply networks  According to the design decisions m2 2
10  Design of air conditioning systems  (multisplit) m2 2
11    (chiller-fancoil) m2 3
12  Calculation of daylight of rooms at the architectural design stage DF (daylight factor) definition m2 1,5
13  Low-voltage network design   Telephony, internet m2 1
14  Consultation of engineer in the office (skype)     20 €/h
15  Consultation of engineer on-site     from 50 €/h

инженер по системе отопления Pavlo Biriukovych, engineer (+380503582280 (Viber), +380975153839 (Telegram)

The design is developed on the basis of the architectural project, taking into account the wishes of the customer (the presence of floor heating, the type of boiler, radiators ...).

* - is not an official offer. Approximate prices for the design of engineering systems of the object up to 1000 m², for pricing please contact the design department of our company.