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Thermal Imaging Survey

тепловізійне обстеження

You suspect that you are paying too much for winter heating or summer air conditioning. On the walls appeared a fungus and drafts are not clear where?

Thermal Imaging Diagnostics will help you sort out and find sources of problems with heat loss.

We conduct thermal imaging tests according to the international standard ISO 50002

Such a survey of buildings is carried out with the help of the device - the thermal imager, we use only high-quality equipment Testo, he sees the temperature difference on the surfaces and creates thermal imaging photos - "thermograms". It's kind of putting tests for a doctor - an energy auditor.

After conducting a heat audit, you will know the problem areas with the greatest heat losses, construction shoals, the place of the passage of hidden communications and all that is not visible to the usual eye.

Advantages of Thermal Imaging:

detection of defects of thermal insulation
accuracy and accuracy of diagnostics
do not need dismantling work
no need to disable or disassemble the equipment
definition of defects at any stage of construction and repair
After conducting a thermal survey of buildings you will receive:
Detailed report on problems found
Photos of all problem areas in the thermal and normal range
Description of the solution options
Consultation of a specialist during the survey
Who shows the thermal imaging diagnosis and when it should be done:

At the beginning of the heating season, you can quickly resolve the problem
Before buying a home or apartment to detect hidden defects in thermal insulation (the seller is unlikely to tell them about them)
When planning a reconstruction or repair to identify the most problematic areas
Before repair to identify places of communication
For problems in the heating system or in the warm floor, localization of problem areas for repair or regulation
With the appearance of dampness in the apartment or uncomfortable places with large heat losses
To localize the places of origin of drafts and localization of the reasons for their occurrence.
To determine the required degree of insulation of a house or apartment.

About the test for tightness of an apartment or house read here

Conducting thermal imaging diagnostics is most effective at an outside air temperature below 0 deg. Celsius and operating system heating. The temperature difference should be at least 15 deg.

Why is it necessary to entrust thermal imaging diagnostics to us?

1) We have been designing energy efficient homes since 2001 and we know how to do it properly.

2) We build houses and conduct their inspection for over 10 years and know where to look to find a problem.

3) Only in 2016 we conducted more than 60 thermovision tests.

4) We can take on the solution of the problems found or tell you how to do it most effectively and affordable.

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