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Interior design or why you need a design project.

apartment design in Kiev Your house is the basis of your comfort and inner state. Therefore, the interior design of the house that you create at the stage of construction or renovation can either inspire you to new accomplishments or convert it every day into a fight against greyness.

Consider not only the visual component of a and the convenience of each element in operation. Our architects create solutions that are balanced and visually and architecturally. After all, when creating an ideal design, there is no room for small things.

When designing an interior design, a good architect should be not only a specialist in the architectural field but also a bit of a telepath. After all, sometimes the most difficult thing is to find out what the client really needs. And here an important role is played by experience. Different forms, different places, different purposes. All this creates the image that will be ideal for you.

Working with the designer is divided into several stages:

1. The choice of the general concept of interior design, destination and stylistics of premises. At this stage, we can offer a choice of several experts in design. After all, each specialist has his own unique handwriting and adherence to different color solutions, textures and types of objects.

2. After we have decided on the concept of planning solutions are made, the dimensions and arrangement of furniture, sanitary equipment is chosen.

3. On this stretch of work, visual images of interior design are built. Here, the design studio should achieve complete harmony with your heart and eyes. After all, the spirit of the whole dwelling is being created now. After you and we like everything, we go to the final stage.

4. Create working drawings for builders. All dimensions are taken into account. The exact location of the plumbing and its dimensions. Placement of lighting fixtures and sockets, etc.

We want to note that the prices for creating individual design solutions are loyal and the experience of the masters is impressive.

Interior design of the house, apartment, office - AkvilonPro design studio

   interior design  Working with designers is not a luxury, but a reasonable investment in your future home.  The interior design design during the renovation, is also needed as an architectural design for the construction of a house. The interior design studio in Kiev has the advantage in that it can offer you the choice of several experienced architects to choose from.

This will help in practice avoid many '' pitfalls '' in the form of inconsistency of work and a large number of alterations.  

An experienced designer, knowing the markets for materials, furniture and equipment, will always pick the best option for any budget. After all, a good specialist will always find an alternative solution to the problem. Typically, the design project contains a number of drawings necessary for laying communications: - a plan with the placement of plumbing equipment - a layout for heating appliances and a warm floor - air conditioning circuit 

 Timely availability of these documents will help to avoid unnecessary work on the sites of installation of certain elements. This will save your time and money for building materials, as well as the cost of work.  It would seem a trifle, but the cost of correcting errors, even such minor ones, will exceed the cost of the design project. And how many such little things will appear in the process of repair work? & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Please note, we only reviewed the financial part of the question.  It is even difficult to imagine how much time and nerve cells will be spent in an ill-conceived plan of action and inconsistency of the work of specialists.  Cooperating with a competent designer, you get not just sheets with drawings, but saved time, money and the confidence that your home and life will be as good as the project you approved.

head of the company AkvilonPro Biryukovich Pavlo Design studio of the company AkvilonPro


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