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Alex Biryukovich
the author of these projects.
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engineering specialist
our specialists in construction and engineering systems

Why is it beneficial for you to contact us?

Sell ready cottage projects own production
We carry out individual design
We carry out the design of the reconstruction of houses
We design houses on existing foundations
We carry out design projects of interiors
We correct import projects with regard to domestic materials
We advise on construction and repair
MORE THAN 300 completed house projects and their number is constantly growing
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Projects of houses from the Ukranian architectural bureau.

Projects of houses are in ready and individual

On our website you will find house designs with a floor space of 20 to 350 m2. All houses carry rationality and simplicity. Our architect first of all puts the convenience of using the cottage after its construction, and not just the appearance. 

All plans and drawings in our house designs are understandable for anyone, not just for the skilled Foreman. There are situations when you have to build yourself, in which case you can & nbsp; at any time, consult, absolutely, for free. We always try to help our clients - to build the house of their dreams.

На цьому сайті Ви можете вибрати готовий проект будинку від 20 до 350 м2.


We promptly make changes to any project at home.

  • If there is not a suitable project at home, you can exit the situation by ordering an individual project at home (in this case, the house will be designed exclusively for your requirements).
  • To all Projects of houses you can order the engineering part in addition, they exist several types: 

    - water supply project,

    - sewer design,

    - power supply project.


    Projects of houses with delivery to any t point Ukraine and Russia, the cost is for free.

    One of our most important goals is to approach energy-efficient construction (the so-called "Passive house" & nbsp;) We are constantly interested in, investigating & nbsp; and implementing technologies that allow us to approach the minimum cost of the amount of money that the house consumes (communal bills ...).

    We know how to design and build an energy-efficient frame house.

    • We can do a house renovation project.
    • Recommend the superintendents for the project at home
    • Make a design project & nbsp; after building the box

      After Choosing a project, we can calculate for you a reference estimate-calculation of the cost of works and materials for which you can choose a profitable for you as a construction superintendent comparing the cost of each of the selected.

      If you do not have a friend or a suitable superintendent, then we can recommend to you professionals proven in battle. With our foremen we have been working for more than 10 years. Cooperation proven over the years is worth a lot. & Nbsp;

      we are still on request house projects