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Индивидуальные и готовые проекты домов собственного производства,корректировка импортных, дизайн интерьеров, консультация по вопросам строительства и ремонта
продаем готовые проекты коттеджей собственного производства, разрабатываем индивидуальные проекты, корректируем импортные проекты учитывая материалы выпускаемые заводами ЖБК, проектируем дома на существующих фундаментах, выполняем проекты реконструкции домов, выполняем дизайн проекты интерьеров. консультируем по вопросам строительства и ремонта коттеджей.
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AkvilonPro LTD
AkvilonPro, .
composition of a typical project company "Aquilon»

1 . The title page of «wet" stamped project organization.
2 . Copy of our
3 . Explanatory Notes, which are the main characteristics of the house, the living and the general area, dimensions, building volume, building area. The basic design and the materials used.
Signature of the chief architect of the project certified «wet" stamped project organization.
4 . Plans for the first and second floors. If the home provides a basement, the basement and plan. The plans given all the necessary dimensions: the thickness of walls and partitions, the distance to doors and windows, the size of the rooms.
The plans indicated the location of ventilation and flues.
5 . Four of the facade. At the height of the facades are the cap and the ridge of the roof, and mark the location of doors and windows.
6 . One or two cuts. At the height of the sections shows the premises, window and door frames, window sills.
7 . The plan of the roof.
8 . Drawings of foundations, which include:
• Plan a monolithic pillows,
• schemes designed reinforcement cages for reinforced monolithic pillows,
• Plan the foundations of the walls, above the monolithic pillow,
• sections of foundations, which shows the depth of the foundations,
• specification of materials
9 . The plan covers, which Showing the layout of panels overlap, shows solid areas shows the necessary components and parts. Given the list and the number of elements overlap.
10 . Drawings of precast concrete bridges include:
• plans showing the locations of the various bridges,
• specification of the jumpers and the name and number of different jumpers.
11 . The drawings of the roof, which include:
• Plan the rafters, with a list of items,
• section of the roof, which are the size of the main elements,
• a list of necessary materials.

These projects laid the materials that are sold in bulk local stores and mass-produced by enterprises of Ukraine
1 . Due to the fact that:
impossible to predict the tastes of each customer,
placement of furniture, which depends on the alignment of sockets switches and fixtures, the selection of specific systems and Santekhpribor heating purely individual,
plumbing and electrical sections of the project carried out at the request of the customer, for an additional charge.
2 . With data of engineering-geological surveys for a fee, we can perform a calculation of foundations.

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Example of Project:

title page. He put "wet" seal, signature of the director, the data about where the house is built.

copy of current license approved by the wet stamp and signature of the Director

List of drawings

Explanatory Note. Common data: address site Series № act on the ground, the area (these data can be entered later by the owner), general information about the house.

Explanatory Note. Constructive Solutions, a description of: foundations, walls, ceilings, roofs

Explanatory Note. Engineering part. Description of water supply and sewerage.

Explanatory Note. Elektrika.Protivopozharnye measures. Description of fire protection measures used in the project.

Explanatory Note. Measures for safety, lightning protection.

Explanatory Note. Summary table for the constructive part of the project signed by the chief architect and "wet" seal of

Master Plan area. Site Plan brought forward from the act of land-bound at home.

First floor plan with all dimensions, and notes areas of rooms

Second floor plan with all dimensions, and notes areas of rooms

Four front of the house on the axes.

This sheet shows the number of main wall materials in m3, and a fragment of a fence.

incision along the axis of 1-1 on this page shows the height of the internal elements of the house, and describes the composition of the walls, floors, roofs.

incision along the axis of 2-2 on this page shows the height of the internal elements of the previous sheet from the opposite angle.

plan of the roof. This sheet displays the shape of the roof, main dimensions, area, and mark.

scheme of ventilation and flues. On this page channels appear to connect the boiler and ventilation with elevations and key bindings.

circuit layout of the pads foundation. This sheet displays form the basic foundation pads sections and bindings.

(foundation default is calculated under the good soils with a carrying capacity of> 2 kg/cm2, but in the presence of data exploration can be counted, for a fee, under the soils in your area)

circuit layout of the wall foundations. At this sheet shows the foundations of the wall with the marks of the cross sections, the main size, and a characteristic cut

circuit layout of foundation blocks. On this page reflects the sweep of the layout of blocks from the main PBS marks the heights labeling and binding to the axes. (List is present only in the case prefabricated foundations)

sweep the walls of the porch. In the worksheet shown Scheme layout of blocks under the porch (with precast foundations) or plan to fill foundation under the porch

Sections on foundations. Sections of the foundations in key areas according to the markings on the plane of the bases

Reinforcement of the bases. The scheme of reinforcement of foundations in key areas.

specification of materials on foundations. On this page is the calculation of the basic materials for construction foundation (concrete, reinforcement)

Plan reinforced concrete belts 1st floor. On This sheet is a monolithic concrete plan for laying the belt slabs, the main sections of the specification of fittings and materials belt.

specification of materials reinforced belt

circuit layout of the floor the first floor. In the worksheet displays the layout of hollow core concrete panels and notes.

nodes overlap. Displayed on a sheet of solid nodes overlap areas and the scheme of reinforcement.

specification covering the 1st floor. Displayed on a sheet of sheet material for covering the 1st floor and Notes

Jumpers 1st floor. In the worksheet shown layout of finished bridges over the windows, doorways and specification.

Monolithic Time 2nd floor. In the worksheet, the plan specifies mognolitnogo belt for laying floors on 2nd floor with the specification.

Overlapping 2nd floor. Displayed on a sheet stacking scheme between the joists 2m floor and an attic with the specification.

nodes overlap the 2nd floor. In the worksheet displayed mounts ceiling beams and the main note.

jumpers 2nd floor. In the worksheet displays the layout of finished concrete bridges over the windows and doors on 2nd floor.

Statement jumpers. In the worksheet displays the total bill jumpers

diagram of the elements of the roof. In the worksheet shows the location of the rafters and the roof of the main elements of

nodes of the roof. In the worksheet shows the main parts of the roof mounts with each other

specification elements of the roof. On a sheet of all the materials collected on the roof for the order at the sawmill.

aerated reinforcement scheme. In the worksheet tab shows a diagram of fixtures in the aerated concrete blocks.

sheets are present in the frame house projects:

location stands a wooden frame of the first floor.

Layout of hardwood floor

specification of materials for hardwood floor for the order at the sawmill.

sweep frame for each wall of the house

specification wooden frame for the order at the sawmill.

Features section of the roof and walls of a frame house.

The draft materials all the calculations are given without reserve, and should be clarified before the start of construction foreman

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