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продаем готовые проекты коттеджей собственного производства, разрабатываем индивидуальные проекты, корректируем импортные проекты учитывая материалы выпускаемые заводами ЖБК, проектируем дома на существующих фундаментах, выполняем проекты реконструкции домов, выполняем дизайн проекты интерьеров. консультируем по вопросам строительства и ремонта коттеджей.
Holosiivskyi Prospect 118/1 room 5
house plans AkvilonPro
Holosiivskyi Prospect 118/1 room 5 Kiev, Kyiv 03127
Phone: +380963944072
The project structure

О проекте

AkvilonPro LTD
AkvilonPro, .

“Akvilon’s” typical project structure
1. Title page with wet seal of the design organization.

2. Our license copy.

3. Explanatory note:

·         indicates main features of the house:


·         -living and general area,


·         -overall dimensions,


·         -constructional volume,


·         -building area;


·         describes basic structures and applied materials;


·         has the main project architect’s signature, certified by the design organization’s seal.

4. First and second floor plans.

·         -Also, a basement plan, if the house provides for the basement.


·         -The plans indicate all needed dimensions:


·         -depth of walls and partitions;


·         -distance to doors and windows;


·         -room dimensions.


·         -The plans indicate layouts of ventilating and smoke channels.

5. Four facades.

·         - The height of socle and roof ridge is indicated on facades;


·         -location and marks of doors and windows.

6. Two sectional elevations.

·         -The sectional elevations indicate the height of premises, window and door apertures, windowsills.

7. Roofing plan.
8. Bedding drawings, including:      

·         -monolithic bearer plan;


·         -schemes of reinforcing frames, intended for reinforcement of monolithic bearer;

·         - plan of bedding walls, located above the monolithic bearer;

·         -bedding sections, showing the depth of laid beddings;

·         -applied materials specification.

9. Lap plan, showing:

·         -allocation of lap panels or wooden beams;

·         -monolithic parts;

·         -needed knots and details.

·         -Has the list and number of lap elements.

10. Drawings of unitized ferroconcrete bulkheads, including:   

·         -plans, indicating locations of various bulkheads;

·         -bulkhead specifications, indicating names and quantity of various bulkheads.

11. Roofing plans, including:      

·         -trussing plan with the list of elements;

·         -roofing cut, indicating the dimensions of main elements;

·         -the list of needed materials.

1. As it is impossible to foresee every customer’s taste, thefurniture arrangement, affecting socket locations, switches and lamps, the choice of sanitaryware items and heating systems are purely individual; satintaryware andelectric categories of the project are executed according to customer’s wish, for additional fee.

2. If there is an engineering-geological prospecting we can estimate beddings for additional fee.



















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