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Holosiivskyi Prospect 118/1 room 5
house plans AkvilonPro
Holosiivskyi Prospect 118/1 room 5 Kiev, Kyiv 03127
Phone: +380963944072
The project is a two-storey house of 124 m2
Manufactured by: Akvilon Ltd.
Model: ''Vova 3'' м²
10000 UHR/20,000RUB/385 EUR New
''Vova 3'' 124 м²

The project is a two-storey house of 124 m2

Project cost
10000 grn Buy the Project
  • Description
  • Plans
  • Facades
  • Facades
  • View from above
  • Master Plan
  • Parameters
  • Supplement
The total area 124 м²
Dimensions of the house 9 м х 9 м


  • foundations:  Tape monolith reinforced concrete
  • Exterior walls:  Aerated concrete block 375 mm
  • Overlap:  Reinforced concrete panels, Reinforced concrete panels
  • Roof:  Flat roof.
  • Roof cladding:  наплавляемая полимерно-битумно мемрбана Сполимод

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Рейтинг: 3.7/5 (10 голосов)
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The first floor

Explication of a floor space

1Рortal 1.9
2Boiler room 3.0
3Hallway 5.9
4Half-bathroom 5.1
5Kitchen 12.5
6Sitting-room 20
7Bedroom 10.1
8Pantry 1.1
total floor area59.6

The second floor

Explication of a floor space

1Staircase 4.6
2Half-bathroom 5.3
3Hall 5.3
4Half-bathroom 5.3
5Bedroom 16.9
6Bedroom 10.9
7Bedroom 15.6
total floor area63.9


Roff plan

The input data and a description of the design
Parametr Data
Bearing capacity of soil 1,5кг/см2
Foundation Tape monolith reinforced concrete
Walls Aerated concrete block 375 mm
Roofing surfaced polymer-bitumen membrane Spolimod
Number of floors 2
The configuration of the second floor
type of floor Ground floor
The height of the first floor 2.7 м
The height of the second floor 2.5 м
The overlap of the first floor Reinforced concrete panels
The overlap of the second floor Reinforced concrete panels

Choose your equipment project:

1) Only the architectural drawings (2 sets) - 3890 UAH. (15 590 rub.) Ingredients: - title page with a wet seal - a copy of the license - explanatory notes - link to your site - floor plans - four facades - two sections - the plan of the roof.

2) Architectural and construction drawings (standard package for building - 2 sets) - 6490 UAH. (25,990 rubles).

Ingredients: - a cover page with wet seal - a copy of the license - Explanatory Note - the master plan area - plans for the first and second floors - four facades - two sections - the plan of the roof - drawings of foundations - floor plan - drawings of bridges and solid belts - drawings of the roof (engineering part briefly described in the notes) (An example of a complete project, see >> HERE <<)

3) Architectural and structural drawings (4 sets) - 6690 UAH. (26,790 rubles).

4) Architectural and structural drawings in format PDF) - 6990 UAH. (27 990 rub.) (If you do not need wet stamp and signature and you want to quickly get a project to print the appropriate number (for the construction of one house)

5) Architectural and structural drawings in CAD format (. Dwg) - 12 990 UAH. (51,990 rubles).

(You will get every opportunity to change the project to fit your needs) In addition to this project, we are developing:

- Estimates (list of works with the prices and the cost of materials. Estimates issued in electronic form. Thus you can compare prices of different superintendents)

Cost budget calculation - 1300 UAH. (5200 rubles).

(Composition and sample the detailed budget calculation >> HERE <<)

- The project of foundations made on the basis of geological surveys on your site design costs of foundations - from UAH 2000. (8000 rubles).

- Water Supply and Sanitation Project (is customized according to your requirements and location of San those devices) Project cost - 1900 UAH.(7600 rubles). (Composition and sample engineering section on water supply and sanitation >> HERE <<)

- Project Heating (performed by your job, wishing to place floor heating and radiators) cost of the project - 1900 UAH. (7600 rubles).

(Composition and example of an engineering section of Heating >> HERE <<)

- Project Electrical and Lighting (performed at an agreed arrangement with you sketch outlets and lights) cost of the project - 1900 UAH. (7600 rubles). (Composition and sample engineering section for power supply and lighting >> HERE <<)

- Individual design of facades.

(Developing unique look of your home by a professional designer) Cost of work - 1700 UAH. (6800 rubles).

- Interior design project with the placement of furniture and decoration.(Performed under a separate contract with the individual specifications for your needs) The estimated cost of the project from design - 15300 USD.(61,200 rubles).

(Composition and an example of the design project of finishing and decorating the interior >> HERE <<)

- Possible adjustment of the project according to your wishes. Cost is determined individually.

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